Pearl Pendant Necklaces

  • $20.00

Pendant fits 1 pearl.  Pendant is rhodium plated copper for a bright color. Includes complimentary Sterling Silver 18" chain. Includes a faux white pearl. We offer oysters in our shop that contain genuine pearls. 


Caring for your Jewlery:

Rhodium is one of the most rare metals in the world. It is used to plate jewelry to give a dazzling, silver finish.  As all jewlery platings will wear with use, here are some ways to maintain the lustrous appearance of rhodium.  To clean rhodium plated pendant: soak in 1/3 cup mild soap and 1 cup water for no longer than 10 minutes and use your fingers to gently rub the pendant. Do not soak longer than 10 minutes. Rinse pendant in lukewarm water, preferable distilled water, as tap water that is considered will degrade its appearance. To dry, place pendant on soft, clean towel and gently pad off excess moisture. Allow to completely dry by air over night. Store pendant in tissue paper to prevent it from rubbing against hard surfaces and scratching it's surface.  Body chemistry i.e. high pH levels in the body can increase the wear on any and all metals so it is suggested to not wear plated jewlery everyday unless you know how your body will interact with such metals. Use of household cleaners, moisturizer and perfume may reduce the life span of the precious metal plating.

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